A little corner of paradise on the south coast of Turkiye

Kalkan is a small harborside town on Turkey's southern Turquoise coast

Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains & beautiful bay makes Kalkan a magical setting.

You can find Kalkan between Fethiye (  139 km ) & Antalya (  214 km )

Kalkan It is a sophisticated historic town with some fine examples of Ottoman Greek architecture

Kalkan has something for everyone -  History, water sports, fishing, boat trips to mention just a few things.


Kekova - It is a peaceful place of history, with gorgeous turquoise water, islands, unspoiled nature, blue skies, and lots of wonderful swimming.


 Kaputas Beach - with its famous bright turquoise sea is not only one of the most beautiful beaches on the Lycian Coast, but it's considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey


Green Lake - The Yeşil Göl or Green Lake is a great outing for those interested in walking in the pastures of the Taurus Mountain highlands and learning about the semi-nomadic way of life that dominates the peaks all summer-long.


The brilliant Green Lake is 6500 ft above sea level -Bezirgan Village & Kalkan Elmali are interesting places to visit. The Greek island of Meis - is only a 45-minute boat ride from the nearby town of Kas, which can be reached quickly and cheaply by dolmuş from Kalkan.


The historic town of Kalkan is an enchanting place and one of the most beautiful locations along Turkey’s gorgeous Coast Kalkan remains a charming and unspoiled haven of lush nature, brilliant blue crystal-clear sea, historic architecture, ancient history, and warm traditional Turkish hospitality. Kalkan really does offer something for everyone - History - Water sports - Shopping - Restaurants & Bars - Boat tours

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